2022 New Jersey International Film Festival Faithbreaker Filmmaker Interview with director Piotr Złotorowicz


By Al Nigrin

originally published: 05/26/2022

Faithbreaker will premiere in the United States on Sunday, June 5 at the 2022 New Jersey International Film Festival. Here is my interview with the director Piotr Zlotorowicz:

Nigrin: Your wonderful feature film Faith Breaker tells the story of two small-town Polish families whose lives are intertwined. Tell us how and why you made this film.

Zlotorowicz: I’ve always been very interested in how secrets are transferred between generations. I wanted to tell the story of the purifying power of truth. So I continued to write a story where confronting the truth would be a very difficult choice. As I wrote, I was surprised to have made a strong case against the truth. When I finished drafting my script, I wasn’t sure my characters would have to deal with it. That’s how I knew I had written something interesting that was worth pursuing.

Nigrin: Julia Szczepanska plays Ania very well, as does the rest of the main cast. How did they end up in your film?

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Zlotorowicz: All other performers are established Polish actors. Julia is a major casting discovery. Since the characters of Alek and Ania were in love as children, and now reuniting as young adults, we wanted to find actors who could be a good couple.

Nigrin: DP Nicolas Villegas does not do a masterful job of lighting and shooting your film. Tell us more about him.

Zlotorowicz: We are friends of the Łódź film school. This is our 3rd film together. It is a great satisfaction to work and grow with a friend. Nicolas has many virtues as a DP, but my favorite talent is how he feels acting with the camera. It is something that is not teachable. You either have it or you don’t. He has it.

Nigrin: The English title of your film is Faith Breaker but the title in the Polish version is Wiarolom — the name of the city where the film takes place. Why did you change the name in the English subtitled version?

Zlotorowicz: The name of the town is actually “WiaTrolom”. The title is a poetic pun. In the Polish language we have this special word for a situation where you promise something, but you know you are not going to keep the promise. When you do this, you are involved in the “breaking of faith”. Faith Breaker is our best attempt at translating the title.

Nigrin: Adam Walicki’s music is also superb. Tell us how he came to work on your film.

Zlotorowicz: I’m glad to hear that. The film tells a story about forgetting and the moral cost of truth, but at the same time the action is set in very down-to-earth circumstances. To get audiences to question symbolism, we needed a way to elevate them from mundane reality. Music was an important component of this effort. Adam’s job was very demanding as he created music from the sound of a metal factory. We were looking for an organic tone to the raw world that was portrayed in the film. The music was also very important in the scenes of visions and dreams that our characters have. During production, we discussed with Adam the balance between these two worlds.

Nigrin: Are there any memorable stories while you made this film or other information about your film that you would like to pass on to us?

Zlotorowicz: I have so many. On a set like this, there are always a lot of things going on at the same time. I still can’t believe we managed to shoot this whole movie in just 15 days. For that, I have to thank my entire team who have been so dedicated to making it all happen. When you have so little time, the margins for error are very slim. Very few things give you as much satisfaction as seeing the storyline come to life on set. Even under such pressure and stress. I don’t have a particular story. I remember a feeling of camaraderie.

here is Faith Breaker Trailer:

Faith Breaker screens at the 2022 New Jersey International Film Festival on Sunday, June 5, 2022 – Online for 24 hours!

Faithbreaker – Piotr Złotorowicz (Warsaw, Poland)

Ania returns home after years of absence to take care of her mother in the last months of her life. She left the village as a child and now she returns as a young adult and meets her childhood sweetheart, Alko. For his parents, this meeting is an echo of old mistakes. None of them know that they will have to face their past. None of them know that today they will forgive. Faith Breaker is a meditation on the moral cost of truth. In Polish, subtitled. 2021; 72 mins. To buy tickets to see it, click here.

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Albert Gabriel Nigrin is an award-winning experimental media artist whose work has been screened on five continents. He is also a lecturer in film studies at Rutgers University and executive director/curator of Rutgers Film Co-op/New Jersey Media Arts Center, Inc.

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