Afterlife spoilers revealed by director Jason Reitman

If you weren’t one of the kajillions who donned their flight suits and grabbed their proton packs to enjoy the highly anticipated (to put it mildly) Ghostbusters: the afterlife, this article is not for you! If you could laugh, gasp and squeal with joy, surrounded by a crowd, young and old, sporting their vintage “Who Ya Gonna Call?” Threadbare t-shirts or ones that were just starting to break theirs, then dive; ectoplasm is fine! Last chance! SPOILERS !!

OK. Surrounded by a completely emotionally invested audience (No pressure!) That had already started, parents would watch their children to ask them what they thought of the film, I would call it a triumph, and the real start of a new chapter. for our ghost hunters.


Jason Reitman let us in, gushing to work with the original recipe “busters”, the heartbreaking tribute to Harold Ramis and the unique way Dan Aykroyd becomes Dr. Raymond Stantz. Aykroyd, who creates the characters and writes the scripts with Harold Ramis, knows the voice of the film because he created it. Reitman explains: “It was more a question of language. What I love about talking to Dan Aykroyd is the moment he starts talking, you feel ghost hunters. He has a way that only he speaks. He’s read it all, obviously he has deep roots in sci-fi and ghost folklore, and when he talks about it, he talks about it in a way no one else talks about. And you immediately want to jot it down and put it in the movie. ”

When asked if Reitman put any of Aykroyd’s suggestions into the movie, he replied, “Oh yeah, especially his character’s dialogue. just stuff only Dan can invent. ”

When asked if there had been any debate about including the ghostly face of Harold Ramis, Reitman was hesitant to respond. “I’m not really going to talk about it yet. I understand the urge to talk about it. I’m not even sure I feel comfortable talking about it yet. I will say I knew what the end of the movie was. very I knew it was going to be very hard to pull off. And I knew that the success of the movie depended on a moment that was going to have to depend on cutting edge technology. And frankly, it took us the whole time. of making the film to accomplish. And I didn’t know if it was going to be a success until the very end of the process. ”

Speaking of the end credits scenes with Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver, he admits Murray’s improvisation stole the show. “We had a script for this scene. Apparently the script was unnecessary. [Laughs] … It took half a day. Bill came into the movie with his own ideas, and they were great. And I had grown up hearing the stories of Bill improvising, watching him do it live on set. It was a pleasure to see him deliver real-time dialogue that was far superior to anything I could have imagined in the two years of writing this movie. His brain crackles in a different way, and his voice is authentically his and has been since we first met him. So hearing Venkman come to life in his voice delighted the team, delighted me, delighted my dad, and it made me want to start editing as quickly as possible. ”

And the answer to the question to all viewers who loved the movie, could there be more movies to follow with the new one? ghost hunters family? “Oh my God, I would love it. I think Finn and Mckenna are already two of the shining stars of their generation, and I think Logan [Kim] and Celestial [O’Connor] will join them soon. They have so much talent, they love these characters, they love ghost hunters, and they love each other. And it’s pretty obvious, you can tell when the actors really dig in. You watch a movie and you’re like, “I think they get along. And you can tell with this group that they’re really tight. I would love to see them continue to hunt ghosts. ”

Who is going back this weekend? Ghostbusters: the afterlife is in theaters now. This news comes from Den of Geeks.

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