An Iconic Director Could Play Another Director In Another Icon’s Next Movie

David Lynch is the arthouse yin of Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster yang and now the pair are working together.

As reported by Variety earlier today, Lynch joined the cast of Spielberg’s upcoming semi-autobiographical film The Fablemans. The work will be loosely based on Spielberg’s childhood in Arizona and although the Mulholland Drive the role of the director is a well-kept secret, slashfilm believes he can come across as the legendary John Ford. Ford was a director who frequently collaborated with John Wayne (he once made him cry) and gave Spielberg early advice.

“Ford asked him to look at the art in his office and tell him where the horizon was,” the article from slashfilm bed. “When Spielberg told him it was at the top of one painting and the bottom of the other, Ford called him back and said ‘when you can come to the conclusion by putting the horizon at the bottom of the frame or the top of the frame is a lot better than putting the horizon right in the middle of the frame, so you might make a good photographer.

The Fablemans should be released in November. Others on board include newcomer Gabriel LaBelle in the Spielberg analogue, Seth Rogen as his uncle’s portrayal, Paul Dano as his father, and Judd Hirsch in an unknown role.

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