DEATH WITH BENEFITS Opens January 27 at Theater 40

Theater 40 presents Death, with Benefits. This engagement as the world premiere of a black comedy, by John Strysik is directed by Jeff G. Rack.

Theater 40, in the Reuben Cordova Theater, 241 S. Moreno Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90212. The location is on the Beverly Hills High School campus. Free parking is available in the parking lot under the theater. To access the car park, enter through the driveway at the intersection of the Durant and Moreno walks. From January 27 to February 20, 2022.

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Death, with Benefits is a dark comedy “inspired” by the terrifyingly true story of the infamous “Killer Grannies of Santa Monica” also known as “Black Widows”.

Two mature women bond over the terrible emotional and financial situations their late husbands have left them. To solve their problems, they concoct a pernicious plan to get rich: take in sick men, have them sign lavish life insurance policies with the women as beneficiaries, and take care of them until they die. The only problem is that their guests don’t die quickly enough, so the ladies decide to speed up the process.

John Strysik is the playwright. He is known for his work in film and television, most notably for the screenplay for the award-winning film Stuck, directed by Stuart gordon and featuring Mena Suvari and Stephen Réa. Strysik was a director and screenwriter of the television series Tales From the Darkside and Monsters. He also directed the reboot of the ABC series Land of the Lost. He is also co-author of the book Lurker in the Lobby: A Guide to the Cinema by HP Lovecraft. His previous pieces include Villainy; Power and light; and The Tragic Tale of Doctor Dee.

Death, with Benefits is directed by Jeff G. Rack, whose work as Art Director for Films and Commercials, and as an EFX Artist, can be seen in numerous films including: Armageddon, Con-Air , Flubber, Mighty JoeYoung, Kundun, and Tim burtonThe Planet of the Apes. Probably best known to Los Angeles Theater patrons for his award-winning sets, Jeff has designed and built over 300 Santa Barbara productions in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is a multiple-time Ovation Award winner and received an LA Weekly Award for his work on Frank ZappaThis is Joe’s garage. Shows he adapted and / or produced for Unbound Production’s Wicked Lit include: The Unnamable by HP Lovecraft and The Lurking Fear, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Damned Thing, The Dead Smile, The Yellow Wallpaper, Dracula’s Guest and Robert E Howard’s Pigeons from Hell. Other shows Jeff has directed are Martians: An Evening with Ray bradbury. Birds and wickedness. At Theater 40, he conducted The Mystery Plays, Pen, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, It Is Done, and Serling rodTales from the area. Jeff is the resident scenographer of Theater 40.

The cast of Death, with Benefits includes Susan Damante, Cheryl david, Kevin Dulude, Larry Eisenberg and Philippe Sokoloff.

Manager: Don Solosan. Scenography: Jeff G. Rack. Lighting design: Derrick mcdaniel. Sound design: Nick Foran. Costume design: Michèle Young. Wigs / Hair / Makeup: Design: Judi lewin. Fight choreographer: Marc Antonio Pritchett.

Sometimes the truth is weirder than the fiction, but in Death, with Benefits, the fiction is funnier. Don’t miss this killer from a comedy.

The Covid security protocols in effect on the dates of the performance will be respected. At the time of this writing, this means that members of the public will be masked and vaccinated (with a vax card or digital recording).

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