Denzel Washington tried to learn as much as he could from director Joel Coen, but was totally screwed once

Learning on set is something Denzel Washington has used to his advantage. He took every opportunity to learn from great directors to help him in his directing career. Of course, working with Joel Coen on Macbeth’s Tragedy was no different for the two-time Oscar winner, but there was a time when Washington asking a question led to him being cheated by Coen.

Macbeth’s Tragedy The star continued to study film despite having been in Hollywood for decades. Although he has a few movies to his credit, Denzel Washington wanted to learn from Joel Coen’s process as a filmmaker. The actor opened up to Collider about when Coen apparently turned on him.

All. I was flying too. I mean, he’s a master. So you sometimes wonder, why here? I remember asking him once that he was making a plan and I wasn’t in it. I had my director’s hat on, because I wasn’t in that part of the scene. So I said, ‘Now I noticed you put the camera down here, like a lower angle. Are you making a statement? Is it a psychological thing? Or why did you place the camera so low? He said, “Actually, I just like the ceiling.” I was like, ‘Do you like the ceiling?’ He said, ‘Yeah, look up’ I was like, ‘Oh yeah.’ He said, ‘Yeah, I like the way the ceiling looked’ I said, ‘So it was that simple?’

Sometimes you just want to shoot a nice ceiling. It seemed like the timing was a little disappointing for Denzel Washington. As a director, he thought Joel Coen was using the angle for some purpose, but it was easier for the filmmaker, because he wanted the ceiling of the stage. Even someone as legendary as Washington can be tricked into thinking about another director’s decisions.

Washington expanded on the incident by mentioning that Coen was set to film the Shakespearean adaptation. Joel Coen had scripted every scene and every angle, but was open to changes at any time. The double Oscar winner took from the director’s words that there is room for improvisation, and if something doesn’t work, you can try something else.

Of course, watching and observing other directors was nothing new to the Fences Star. Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola were also on his radar. Washington said Spielberg told him all the great directors stole from each other. Of course, Denzel Washington was not immune to this approach since he looked at and reused certain plans from the works of Spielberg and Coppola.

Understanding and studying the big ones has paid off. Denzel Washington’s track record as a director has been nearly as perfect as his acting resume. Last year he made A newspaper for Jordan with Michael B. Jordan, who admitted to helping him prepare for his directorial debut Creed III. Jordan asked Washington a lot of questions and watched the way he ran his set. The double Oscar winner had previously directed the Oscar-nominated film Fencesas well as Anthony Fisher and The great debaters.

Now the student has become the teacher. As Washington leans more towards directing, he’s still in high demand as an actor given his thrilling update on Equalizer 3. Along with the sequel, other upcoming movies are coming into the pipeline. Of course, working with Coen led to Denzel Washington earning an Oscar nomination, though he faces some serious competition from other actors, including Will Smith (for the second time) among the 2022 Oscar nominees.

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