Director Kirk Wong Named Creative Consultant to Utopia-Inspired Blockchain Game Funding Company Utoverse

Utoverse, a UK-based games and finance company, is pleased to welcome Kirk Wong as the company’s creative consultant.

Kirk Wong, Wikipedia reference, is a Hong Kong-based director and actor who has directed prominent films, including the 1998 action comedy film The Big Hit. Wong’s other films like Health Warning, Crime Story and Organized Crime & Triad Bureau had developed a following among action movie fans.

Utoverse is a utopia-based Gamefi project that uses a combination of modern technologies such as blockchain, 3D virtual reality, AR, NFTs and GameFi while using mythical, astronomical and physics-based knowledge to combine a Multi-axis UTOVERSE.

Kirk Wong is globally recognized for his notable contributions to the film and theater industry. Wong’s roles include characters like Sergeant Sam Liang in Danger Has Two Faces (1985), Inspector Lau in Legacy of Rage and Inspector Philip Chan in Forever Young (1989), Dai Anfen in God of Gamblers II ( 1990), Crazy Bull in Twin Dragons (1992) and Yuan Pa Tien in The Mad Monk (1993), as well as a guest appearance in Police Confidential (1995).

Kirk Wong was not only an actor but also a prominent director with films such as the 1981 film The Club, Health Warning, starring Johnny Wang, Eddy Ko and Elvis Tsui, and Crime Story starring Jackie Chan under his name. Wong also made American films, including The Big Hit and Mark Wahlberg and Lou Diamond Phillips. In 2000, Wong directed the TV movie The Disciples with Ice-T.

In addition to being an actor and film director, Kirk Wong has served as a consultant to various industry leaders. He has advised regional and global companies in areas such as creativity, innovation, design thinking and actionable intelligence.

As a Utoverse Creative Consultant, he will advise the company’s leadership team on its creative strategies, Utoverse design and shaping, marketing, and data-driven decision-making, helping them to develop the perfect utoverse. He will also work with Utoverse to establish a comprehensive data-driven decision-making business model to help the company better anticipate customer needs and foster better understanding and collaboration with partners to grow the ecosystem. utoverse based on blockchain and Gamefi.

Utoverse’s CEO said, “We are delighted to welcome Kirk Wong as Utoverse’s creative consultant. We are inspired by his work in the cinema; we believe he will be able to provide us with valuable feedback and advice to help us grow our business in the utoverse and play to win in an industry where graphics and animation are of paramount importance.

“We believe his appointment will support our growth plans to become a next-generation gamefi platform, combining both games to win and gamification to deliver a new and unique user experience. We are optimistic that with the gamefi offered by Utoverse and given our gamification model, users will enjoy the fun of gaming while living a perfect and ideal virtual life and in the process earn lucrative rewards.

Kirk Wong added: “The idea of ​​Utopia, which mankind has always dreamed of and sought after, with a history dating back to the 1600s, has always fascinated me. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a perfect, idealistic world?

“What Utoverse offers is exactly that: a parallel universe on blockchain that is perfect. A universe where justice prevails and everyone is rewarded for their efforts without any ambiguity of corruption or malfeasance. A key factor of this Utoverse is the gamification aspect, for which it is imperative that a well-thought-out strategy be built around animation, character interaction, and HCI, which is where my role comes in. Being in the industry for over four decades, I have experience in this field and I am confident that together with the Utoverse team, we will create a Utoverse that will change the dynamics of the existing gamefi universe.Continued Kirk Wong .







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