Director Omar Lulu says he’s ready to make a movie with Dileep, receives criticism for sexist mockery

Malayalam filmmaker Omar Lulu took to social media to support Dileep. He said he would make a movie with him if he had the chance. After receiving criticism, the post has now been deleted.

Omar Lulu received backlash for his support of Dileep in his recent Facebook post.

On January 13, director Omar Lulu got in trouble after his recent Facebook post in which he supported actor Dileep went viral for all the wrong reasons. In his post, he said he would work with Dileep if given the chance. He also made misogynistic comments that were challenged. Later, the post and comments were deleted. Dileep is again under the scanner in the Malayalam actress’ 2017 kidnapping case after new allegations were made against her.


Last week, a new FIR was filed against Dileep after director Balachandrakumar alleged the actor and his men threatened investigators. The case of the Malayalam actress’ kidnapping is back in the news after the explosive revelations of Balachandrakumar.

Omar Lulu took to Facebook to share a post, which read, “I still love the actor who is Dileep. If I get his date, I will definitely do a movie. If proven in court that he committed a crime, he will. We are all human beings. We never know what the situation leading up to the crime was. Only the people involved would know.”

Soon, her post received several comments. When called out for openly supporting Dileep, he made an insensitive remark in the comments section. He responded by saying: “To those who ask me what I will do if something like this happens to someone in my family, how many of you will not see the clip (of the sexual assault on the actress ) should it become available. I await an honest response.”

The director also brought Govindachami into the conversation. Govindachami was found guilty of the rape and brutal murder of a woman who was traveling by train. The director’s response in the comments section reads, “I see the human that is Govindachami for the first time in the rape case. I have always loved the actor that is Dileep since I was young. He has inspired me since I was a child. . His movie Punjabi House is one of my favorites. So using Govindachami as an asset against arguments about Dileep will not work with me. Until the verdict, Dileep is only an accused, not a condemned.

The director’s response comes at a time when the actress’ assault case is reaching a turning point. Further evidence has emerged against actor Dileep in recent days and is currently under investigation.

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