Director reveals Jennifer Aniston turned down role in Serendipity

The director of the film has revealed the surprising reason why the Friends star turned down a role in the now famous 2001 film.

Jennifer Aniston didn’t want to be crowned romantic comedy queen two decades ago.

That’s why, according to director Peter Chelsom, she turned down the lead role in her 2001 romance flick. Serendipity, who ultimately played Kate Beckinsale opposite John Cusack.

52 year old man Morning show the actress turned down the role of Sara because she played in the sitcom Friends.

Aniston already felt like she was staring in an ongoing romantic comedy while starring in the hit series, Chelsom, 65, explained to Initiated.

“I remember very well that Jennifer Aniston came to meet us,” he said. “I remember when she walked in she said, ‘I do a romantic comedy once a week,’ she was on Friends at the time.

“So she clearly had other things on her plate and it was her decision not to.”

The filmmaker also noted that Aniston had met her “in good faith with no offer,” adding: “We would certainly have made her an offer if she had wanted to make [the movie]. “

According to Chelsom, Watchmen Star Carla Gugino was also “extremely close” to being chosen, saying her hearing was “spectacular”.

Since then, however, Aniston has had his fair share of romantic comedies. She plays the lead role of love interest in the years 2004 Along came Polly, years 2005 Rumor has it, 2006 Breaking and 2011 Go for it.

Serendipity tells the story of Jonathan Trager (Cusack), who meets and falls in love with a woman named Sara during a night filled with passion.

He writes his phone number on a piece of paper and, by sheer luck, the wind blows him (of course) into the abyss.

Sara takes this as a bad sign and the two decide to go their separate ways. Spot a plot that flirts with fortuitous romance and a Hollywood ending.

This story first appeared in the New York Post and has been republished with permission.

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