Director Vivek Agnihotri claims Akshay Kumar only praised his film because he was ‘under pressure’!

Vivek Agnihotri slammed Akshay Kumar for applauding his recent hit The Kashmir Files, calling his reaction fake and contrived. Vivek questioned VJ Raunac’s claim that his film was well received by Bollywood actors while talking to him. Raunac replied “Akshay Kumar”, when Agnihotri asked him to name the celebrities. Vivek then added, “ki The Kashmir Files nahi chali…aapki film nahi chali…aur woh chal gayi…what do you think? Toh bolna pad gaya hum ek function mein Bhopal mein. “Peeche koi nahi bolta,” Vivek continued, implying that Akshay’s remark was limited to the scene.

Earlier, Akshay had tweeted and praised Anupam Kher for her performance. He wrote: “Hearing absolutely amazing things about your performance in #TheKashmirFiles @AnupamPKher Amazing to see large audiences back in cinemas. Hope to see the movie soon. Jai Ambe.

For the uninitiated, Akshay Kumar’s latest film, Bachchhan Paandey, was released a week after The Kashmir Files, and it exploded at the box office. Afterwards, Akshay Kumar and Vivek met at an event, and Kumar expressed his views on Vivek’s film. He explained how the film is like a wave in the country. “Vivek ji ne film banakar humaare desh ke bhaut ordered dardnaak sach ko saamne rkha hai. Ye film ek aisi wave banke aayi jisne hum sab ko jhanjodkar rakh dia. Vo alag baat hai ki meri image ko bhi dubo diya. (The Kashmir Files is came like a huge wave in the country that shook us all. It also sabotaged my own movie. Director Vivek Agnihotri also shared the clip and wrote, “Thank you Akshay Kumar for your appreciation for #TheKashmirFiles.”

The Kashmir Files will be released for OTT on May 13 on ZEE5.

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  • Director Vivek Agnihotri claims Akshay Kumar only praised his film because he was ‘under pressure’!
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