Elvis Director Reveals A 4-Hour Cut Of The Film Exists

Following the release of Elvis, we might see a campaign for #ReleaseTheLuhrmannCut. The Australian director recently spoke with RadioTimes.com, confirming that a four-hour cut of the film exists. “I mean, I have a four hour version, actually,” he said, “I have it. But you have to bring it back to 2:30.”

We don’t know the exact scenes that don’t make their way to the movie. However, Luhrmann gave some clues as to what didn’t make the final version of the film. “I wish I had leaned more into some of the other things – there’s so much more. I mean, there’s a lot of things that I shot like the relationship with the band, I had to cut back [that] down – and it’s so interesting to see how Colonel [Tom Parker, played by Tom Hanks] get rid of them.” The director continued, “The relationship with his first girlfriend, Dixie, you know. And later, how… once he’s caught in a trap, and he’s bewildered and doesn’t understand… someone who has such a hole in his heart like Elvis is constantly searching and searching for the love and finds it on stage but nowhere else.”


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Luhrmann revealed that the iconic encounter between Elvis and President Richard Nixon was originally included in the film before deciding to remove it. “You know, barbiturate addiction and all that, like what happens is he starts doing crazy things – like going to see Nixon. I had him in there for a while but he just happens a time when you can’t have everything in it, so I just tried to follow the spirit of the character.”

Elvis will be Luhrmann’s first time back in the director’s chair for a feature film since 2013, when he helmed the Oscar-winning film Gatsby the magnificent. Since then, he has worked on a few short film projects, as well as episodes of the Netflix series, Lowering.

Austin Butler portrays the King of Rock in theaters this week

Austin Butler accepts the challenge of playing one of the most iconic musicians of all time, and audiences can’t wait to see his portrayal when Elvis comes out this Friday. The actor has appeared in major Hollywood movies before, playing Manson family member Tex Watson in Once upon a time… in Hollywood. However, Elvis will be Butler’s most significant role to date.

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The film will follow the musician’s life through his complicated relationship with Tom Parker, spanning 20 years from his childhood to his rise to fame. The official synopsis for the film reads as follows:

From his childhood in Tupelo, Mississippi to his rise to stardom from Memphis, Tennessee and his conquest of Las Vegas, Nevada, Elvis Presley became rock ‘n roll’s first star and changed the world with his music.

Elvis stars Tom Hanks alongside Butler, with Olivia DeJonge, Helen Thomson, Richard Roxburgh, Kelvin Harrison Jr and David Wenham joining the cast. The film hits theaters this Friday, June 24.

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