“ESPN, y’all need to start showing more Grizzlies games on national TV!” : Ja Morant, while drinking shots of tequila in a limo, calls out ESPN for not showing his team love

Ja Morant saw it on Instagram Live on the way to All-Star weekend and called ESPN for not having more Grizzlies games.

It would be difficult to predict the sudden upward trajectory of the Memphis Grizzlies this NBA 2022 season. Ja Morant paved the way for the Grizz throughout the season, being named an All-Star starter while also being the most important vocal leader in the NBA. ‘team.

With the Grizzlies owning the 3rd best record in the Western Conference and the Utah Jazz slipping down the standings, Morant and his team are sure to cement themselves more in that spot after All-Star weekend.

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However, with ASG around the corner and All-Star weekend happening right now, Ja Morant seems to be living it before he even reaches Cleveland. Safe to say worrying about regular season standings isn’t something the 1st time All-Star is only too fond of this weekend because it’s clear he’s here to have a good time.

Ja Morant calls out ESPN for not hosting more Grizzlies games.

On the way to All-Star weekend in the limo, Ja Morant took to Instagram Live and hilariously called out ESPN for not showing enough love to the Memphis Grizzlies and his alma mater, Murray State. In doing so, he swallowed shots of tequila because why not, first All-Star Game on the horizon, let the man live a little.

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What’s utterly despicable is the fact that perhaps the most fun team in the league was only “gifted” with 7 nationally televised games on ESPN before the season. January 26and saw them replace the Grizzlies-Spurs with the Heat-Knicks, giving the Grizz one less game on national television.

Heat-Knicks were a dud as it was a blowout while Ja Morant on the same night, dropped 41 points and made it clear he left because the Grizzlies were taken off national television.

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