‘Euphoria’ kills off fan-favorite character in season 2 finale

SPOILER ALERT – Do not read if you have not watched the latest episode of Euphoria!

The season two finale of Euphoria aired on Sunday night (February 27) and so much drama unfolded.

As Lexi’s play drew to a close, we also had to say goodbye to a fan-favorite character.

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In the episode, Fez (Angus cloud) is about to go to Lexi’s (Maude Apatow) plays when it picks up what looks like Custer (Tyler Chase) and Faye (Chloe Cherry) shooting himself.

Custer then reveals that the police have found Mouse’s body. After a few verbal exchanges, Ashtray (Javon Walton) again comes to protect Fez and puts a knife in Custer’s neck.

Realizing someone may be listening to Custer’s phone, Fez puts his hand over the dying man’s mouth as he bleeds, before making sure Ash and Faye stay quiet as he drops Custer’s phone. in the half-drunk Big Gulp of the kitchen.

Fez says he’ll take responsibility for killing Custer because he knows the police are on their way. He then tells Ash to leave, but he doesn’t listen. Ash then stacks all of their weapons in the bathroom and prepares for one last stand.

Fez is then distracted for a moment by a noise at the front door, and Ash punches his brother over the head before locking himself in the bathroom.

The police then burst in and turned to Fez, who begged them not to shoot. He then shouts “There’s a child in there!” begging Ash to get out of the bathroom.

While still in the bathroom, Ash hears a flash grenade go off and begins firing through the door, knocking Fez in the side. The police then began to fire back at Ash, as Fez lay on the ground, bleeding and screaming for his brother to come out.

Things calm down for a second and a policeman opens the door and shouts that Ash is down, but he fakes it. Ash then straightens up and shoots the officer right in front of him.

Ash then looks up and watches another officer’s laser pointed directly at his forehead.

Fez then hears the final gunshot, knowing that Ash has just been killed.

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