Influential: “Fake Heir” Anna (Delbay) Solokin sits in first TV interview since release from prison in last “20/20” episode

New York – The Story of Anna Sorokin is the story of a young woman who decides to become someone else and becomes that person – but at enormous cost.

According to prosecutors, with names dubbed such as “false heirs”, “crooks of Soho” and “glyphs of Soho”, Solokin was called Anna “Delbay”, a German heirloom with a trust fund of $ 67 million . I pretended to be a person.

Prosecutors claimed Solokin used his fake identity to deceive Manhattan’s elite and gain access to exclusive parties, nightclubs and hotels until his deception was exposed. The prosecution claimed it cheated hotels, restaurants, private jet operators and banks for about $ 275,000 during the 10-month banquet.

So who is the real Solokin?

“That’s a lot of questions,” Solokin told ABC News senior correspondent Deborah Roberts. “I want to show the world that they are not that stupid, greedy person who portrayed me.”

Anna Sorokin can be seen here in the “20/20” interview.

The 30-year-old boy was convicted in May 2019 on eight counts, including theft, attempted theft and theft of services. She was sentenced to four to twelve years in prison, fined $ 24,000 and nearly $ 200,000 in damages.

She worked less than four years and was released in February with good behavior.

In fact, Solokin, who was born in Russia and lives in Germany, comes from a middle-class family. She arrived in New York City in 2013 in her twenties. Ultimately, Solokin convinced people from friends to financial institutions that she was a wealthy social celebrity and jet setter, taking notes and often paying cash – her on Instagram and Twitter. Live a fascinating and expensive life that seems to be spread out.

Regarding the pseudonym “Delbay,” Solokin said, “I just made it up.”

When she moved to Manhattan, Solokin’s plan was to create an upscale arts club just for members, according to her former lawyer Todd Spodeck.

“Art, fashion, entertainment, music, restaurants, all in one place,” he said. “This name was that of the Anna Delvey Foundation of ADF.

However, Solokin said he never claimed to be an heir and never claimed to come from the money. She “always knew” that she couldn’t afford a lifestyle worthy of a luxury jet, and knew she couldn’t pay back the money she said she borrowed from someone else. other, but before his arrest in 2017. “I’m trying to fix it,” he said.

Spodeck, the defense attorney for the trial, claimed that Solokin had done nothing wrong, simply abused the system, was easily seduced by the glitter and charm, and lied a little lie along the way.

“Anna had every intention of doing things the right way, but she couldn’t open these doors without doing a little gray to open them,” he said. “Everyone wants to make their own version and show it to the world… everyone is lying at their convenience… and Anna has done the same. Nobody She wasn’t 100% honest because she wasn’t listening to her. “”

“I never had any fraudulent intent,” Solokin said. “And I think it’s really important.”

Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delbay, will be seen in court during a trial at the New York Supreme Court on April 11, 2019 (Timothy A. Clary / AFP, Getty Images, File)

Her former friend Rachel Delosh Williams has said she is one of many betrayed by Solokin. Williams shared her experience in an interview with ABC News and in her new book, My Friend Anna: The True Story of a Fake Heir.

Williams said he met Solokin at a Manhattan nightclub. At the time, Williams was a 28-year-old photo editor at Vanity Fair. She said Solokin’s first impression was “a little weird”.

“People have asked [me]Did you have a red flag? “Williams said. There was no reason, and I wouldn’t have thought so. “

Williams said Solokin often took notes and gave her a lavish dinner, a private $ 300 fitness session, and an infrared sauna treatment.

Then, in the spring of 2017, Williams said that Solokin offered him a trip to Morocco at any cost. But when I traveled with him, Solokin’s credit card mysteriously stopped working.

“I think they gave me [the] The impression that they have pre-approved my cards and so on. “

Williams said he agreed to provide credit cards (personal and corporate business cards) as a temporary backup for fear of getting stuck overseas.

“”[The hotel] “Do you have a credit card?” He told me. So I looked at Anna and she said, “Can I use it for now?” Williams said.

After leaving Morocco and returning to the United States, Williams said he learned that the total amount was $ 62,000.

“She borrowed more money from me than I made in a year,” she said.

Solokin told ABC News he knew he didn’t have the money yet, but would pay Williams back. But over time, Williams was in a panic.

“I’m late for the rent,” Williams said. “Payment by credit card is delayed.”

Rachel Williams tells ABC News about her previous friendship with convicted con artist Anna Sorokin.

Regardless of his trip to Morocco, Solokin was arrested in July 2017 for theft of service because he was unable to pay the bills for gourmet restaurants and hotels in Manhattan. Following his complaint in court, Solokin left for California.

Meanwhile, Williams realized she had been duped and surrendered to the police and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. After Solokin missed court day, Williams assisted the investigator in an undercover operation, ultimately leading to Solokin’s second arrest in October 2017 in Malibu, California.

When arrested, Solokin was returned to New York City and taken to Rikers Island Prison, where she was held for 19 months.

According to his former lawyer, Solokin was offered a plea bargain of three to nine years in prison to resolve all criminal charges, but refused.

“I wanted to go to trial,” she said. “I felt that was the only way to talk to me.”

Anna Sorokin, well known as Anna Delvey, a 28-year-old German citizen whose family emigrated from Russia in 2007, was in court during a trial in the New York Supreme Court on April 11, 2019. You can see it . (Imothy A. Clary / AFP via Getty Images, file)

Williams testified to Solokin during the 2019 trial, saying it was the most traumatic moment of his life.

“I understand the word trauma is relative,” Williams said. “It was very painful to find out that someone I had so many good intentions for was like a liar and had intentionally hurt me.”

Solokin was convicted of eight counts, but was acquitted of two, the most serious of which was against her of attempting to steal more than a million dollars from a bank. She was also acquitted of the theft related to Williams’ $ 62,000 credit card claim. Williams described it as “very devastating”.

After investigating Moroccan resort rates, Williams’ credit card company cleared most of its debt, but still had to repay some of the costs incurred.

When Solokin heard the decision, he said he decided to “just deal with the consequences”.

“What are you falling down and crying?” ” She said. “Do you have 50 or 100 cameras on my face? I do not know. It’s really hard to cry on demand.

Solokin sold his right to speak to Netflix and Shonda Rhimes, but New York State law does not allow criminals to profit from the crime, so the money from the transaction will be refunded to the victim first. Must have been used for.

Anna Sorokin was seen here shortly after her release from prison in February 2021.

After being released from prison in February, Sorokin’s Instagram resumed its activities, drinking champagne in the freestanding tub and posting photos that appear to lead a good life.

Sorokin is now back in prison and is currently under the control of the US Department of Immigration and Customs and could be deported. But she is determined to stay in the United States.

So what’s next for Anna Sorokin?

“I don’t think I can see it yet,” she said. “I’m just trying to rewrite my story.”

ABC News Catherine Thorbecke and Matt Knox contributed to this report

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Influential: “Fake Heir” Anna (Delbay) Solokin sits in first TV interview since release from prison in last “20/20” episode

Influential source link: “Fake Heir” Anna (Delbay) Solokin sits in first TV interview since release from prison in last episode “20/20”

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