ISC Class XII exams: Yuvnoor Dhillon and Joy Jasmine Kaur win laurels – The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Patiala, July 24

Yuvnoor Dhillon from Yadavindra Public School and Joy Jasmine Kaur from British Co-Ed High School won second place from all India in the Indian Schools Certification (ISC) Class XII Examinations, the results of which been announced today. Both students obtained 99.5% marks. Ripanjeet Toor from British Co-Ed High School took third place in all India with 99.25% marks.

Officials at Yadavindra Public School in Patiala said students had achieved 100% pass rates, with six of them achieving over 98% marks. They said: “As many as 13 students in the school achieved over 95% marks. No fewer than 32 students obtained marks above 90%, 31 obtained marks above 80% and 18 obtained marks above 70%. No pupil obtained less than 65% of marks”.

The school’s top performers include Yuvnoor Dhillon from Arts (99.5%), Jasnaaz Sidhu from Commerce (98.75%), Divnoor Samra from Arts (98.5%) and Chetanya Singla from Science (98 ,25%).

Major General Sanjiv Varma, Director of the YPS, said, “It is indeed a proud moment when our students shine in both academics and sports.”

Officials at British Co-Ed High School, Patiala said Joy Jasmine Kaur (science) topped the school with 99.5% marks, followed by Ripanjeet Singh Toor (science) with 99.25% and Nikhil Partap Singh Dhillon with 98.5%. Japunit Kaur from the Humanities stream got 98.5% marks, while Sakarth Singh Brar from Commerce got 97.75% marks.

Joy Jasmine Kaur said: “It’s great to score above 99%. I got 100/100 in chemistry and math. I plan to pursue studies in computer science or software engineering. Consistency is an important factor that helped me study. The support of teachers and parents also helped me a lot.

YPS’ Yuvnoor Dhillon said, “I owe my gratitude to my parents and family for their constant moral support. The advice of the school administration, the director and the faculty helped me a lot. Instead of studying all at once right before exams, I was regular with daily reviews and studied for 2-3 hours every day.

Ripanjeet Singh Toor, who also topped the district in Class X board exams, also said, “I want to pursue a four-year bachelor’s degree with a major in physics at the University of Alberta, Canada. I followed the Pomodoro technique to make sure I wasn’t overloaded with studies. My goal is to do research at a professional level and become a physicist.”

Officials at Kaintal School on Sanaur Road said the majority of students at the school were doing well and had marks above 80%. Husanpreet Kaur topped the school with 97.75% marks. She was closely followed by Dilpreet Kaur (97.25%) and Gurashdeep Kaur (96.25%). School officials said 37% of students scored above 90%, while 63% scored between 80 and 89%.

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