“Jai Bhim” director Gnanavel expresses regret and claims sole responsibility for the film

Explaining that it was unfortunate that actor Suriya was asked to take responsibility for something for which he, as a director, was solely responsible, Tha Se Gnanavel, the director of the critically acclaimed Tamil film Jai Bhim Sunday, said he regretted the problems Suriya was facing because of his account.

In a statement in Tamil, which he posted on his newspaper on Twitter, Gnanavel said: “The welcome that Jai Bhim obtained from all segments brought us happiness. Likewise, I didn’t expect opinions that go against the film. “

Stating that he was unaware that a calendar that was in the background would be interpreted as the identity of a community, the director explained that the intention behind the placement of the calendar was only to manifest the idea that the year was 1995. “None of us intended to show the calendar as an identity of any community,” the director clarified.

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The timeline, which only appears for seconds in the film, did not capture the attention of any unit in the film, either during filming or during post-production, Gnanavel said.

Pointing out that people from different segments watched the film on the big screen, ahead of its Prime Video release, director Gnanavel said they would have changed it, even if it was reported to them at that time.

“When I first learned about the schedule on social media on the night of November 1, after the film was released on Prime Video, every effort was made to have the schedule changed immediately on the morning of November 2 itself. “said the director. , adding that he believed that the fact that they changed the schedule before anyone could even ask, would make everyone understand that they had no ulterior motives.

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Declaring it was unfortunate that actor Suriya was being asked to take responsibility for something for which he, as a director, was solely responsible, Gnanavel said he wished to express his regret for the difficulty this had caused Suriya.

“As the actor and producer of this film, Suriya’s sole intention was to highlight the difficulties that indigenous peoples face,” the director said.

The director said he strongly believes that a film is an art form that brings harmony between different communities.

Reiterating that they have no intention of insulting any particular individual or community through this film, the director said he expresses his sincere regret to anyone who may have been hurt as a result of it.

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