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The Trident Theater Company brought scares and delights to Buena Vista High School Halloween weekend with “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”

According to director Tanner Ohrah, three out of four shows sold out over the weekend.

Everyone got their fair share of the laughs at the antics of Ichabod Crane and the villagers of Sleepy Hollow, and the thrills of the ghost stories sprinkled throughout the show, both told and shown.

“The audience for this show was amazing,” Ohrah said. “I think everyone really enjoyed having a scary theme to go with this weekend.”

After the interruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, performing live again was refreshing for the cast.

“I think it was great,” said senior Lindsey Trenkle, who played Katrina Van Tassel. “A live audience makes things so much better. We can feed ourselves with energy and that makes us all really excited. “

Playing Brom Bones, senior Nico Reano-Fitch couldn’t help but notice this energy as well, claiming it was the highest he had seen in a while among his peers.

“Being in the live theater again, I can say that everyone had energy tonight,” he added.

Reano-Fitch also loved seeing all of the technical work going into the show.

“The Headless Horseman with the pumpkin swaying in the audience is fantastic,” he said.

Trenkle had his own favorite part of the production.

“Personally, my favorite thing is when Brom talks to Ichabod and he laughs, then he says, ‘No! Only me!’ And then he runs through. We’re all cracking up behind the scenes.

For audience member Rob Williams, all of the production elements came together to create a fun experience.

“This one was amazing. They did an incredible job, incredible productions, incredible for such a small town. It is such a quality theater, ”he said.

Having seen other Trident Theater Company productions, 11-year-old Amy Quilico felt this show had more practice with a fun theme and story.

“This one was probably the best,” she said. “I love the mystery whether Ichabod is dead or not.”

Oharah hopes that every show presented by the company, while generally the same every day, has variations.

“That’s the beauty and the risk of theater as opposed to cinema,” he said. “If you attend more than one performance you should expect to see something new each time, the technical timing, audience reactions, actor interactions, prop adjustments, ratings given between performances. representations. Always be on the lookout for these theatrical Easter eggs.

“I am so proud of the students, directors and volunteers and all the hard work and energy they put into this exceptional performance. I can’t think of a better way or better people to spend Halloween weekend with, ”Ohrah added.

Director Brad Fritsch also said this: “I mentioned the confidence in the program and I really can’t think of a better metaphor to explain what the making of this show was all about. Trust was everywhere… Trust and the community that this theater company lives in is one of the best plays in our school.

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