New Sony Bravia XR and PS5 TVs will get along just fine with the new game modes

Sony’s new Bravia TVs with 2022 XR processor incorporate new recognition features for PS5 that make it easy to tune the TV for the best graphics quality in HDR games.

It seems that by wearing the logo of the same company on its case, the Sony TVs and PS5 consoles they should be better understood than on any other screen. However, that wasn’t exactly the case, even when some models displayed the Ready for PS5 label.

The new generation of Sony Bravia televisions with XR processor comes with the Perfect for PlayStation 5 label, which takes better advantage of the standard HDMI 2.1 capability allowing it to recognize that a PS5 has been connected to it and automatically activate the mode Player and the necessary adjustments to take full advantage of the graphics capabilities of the Sony NextGen console.

With this new feature, the console and the TV establish a constant communication to perform HDR content with the highest fidelity achieve cinematic levels for graphics in games that support this standard.

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The PlayStation 5, like the new next-gen Xbox Series X, reached unprecedented levels of graphics quality to date, to the point of exceeding the capacity of many televisions launched in the same year.

In this context, the manufacturers set out to achieve the objectives maximum coverage for HDMI 2.1 standard on their televisions in order to extend the bandwidth and reproduce content in 4K, with images in HDR and with frequencies of 120 Hz.

However, the new generation of Sony televisions with the XR processor it took a step forward and, taking advantage of the fact that it was “playing at home”, they added a unique feature that will not be available on TVs from other brands. One of the features included in the HDMI 2.1 standard is the recognition of gaming devices.

When you connect a console or gaming PC to the TV, the TV recognizes it and activates the TV’s Game mode and derivative functions also included in the HDMI 2.1 standard such as low latency automatic mode (ALL-M) or the variable refresh rate (VRR) to improve the gaming experience.

What is this mode impossible to tell the difference if the connected device is a PlayStation 5, a PS4, or an XBox S Series, so setting the quality and performance is not entirely accurate in all cases.

We still don’t know the price of the consoles, or the final release date, but the question isn’t just which next-gen console to buy, but whether we’ll have to buy a new TV to get the most out of it.

What is new in this case is that the Sony XR processor detects that a PlayStation 5 has been connected to it and, in addition to adjusting the TV with Game Mode to reduce latency and adjust the refresh rate, it configure HDR settings and color profiles with HDR tone mapping to get the best picture quality that PlayStation 5 offers in every scene of the game.

This improvement of communication is two-wayso the console and TV know which model is on the other side of the HDMI cable.

This is important because there will be several models that will include the Perfect for PlayStation 5 label, but the same HDR handling is not done in a Full Array LED panel as the one in the Bravia XR X90K, who in the new panels Bravia XR X95K Mini LED or in the OLED and Bravia XR A95K QD-OLED and A90K.

Recognizing the TV you have connected to, the The PS5 adjusts the dynamic range of your HDR by matching the luminance values ​​to the capabilities of the TV it will show it. In this way, on both sides, each device puts its full potential to achieve maximum image accuracy in HDR graphics in games.

Are you watching Netflix on PS5? Here’s how Sony is improving picture quality on the new 2022 TVs

Xbox and PlayStation are more than video game platforms. The availability of apps from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other streaming platforms for these platforms has made it easier for many users to use them for watching series and movies.

As Hobbyconsoles pointed out, this might not be the best idea since doing it Game mode color profile is used, not cinema profiles calibrated to provide a more cinematic experience when watching movies or series in HDR.

With the arrival of the new generation of Bravia XR TVs and its improved communication with the PS5, the console will tell the TV that, although it is a gaming device, what is sent is not a game but cinematic content.

The reaction of the TV equipped with the XR processor will be to automatically switch to the Standard mode with the most suitable color profile to view the series with the quality established by its creator. In other words, even if it is a gaming device, the TV will treat the PS5 as if it were a media player or a Blu-ray.

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