Nightwing director says project isn’t canceled

Nightwing director Chris McKay hinted that there was a chance the DCEU movie would still be set at Warner Bros.

McKay recently spoke with The bear cave to discuss the live-action movie Nightwing, originally announced in 2017, and explained why the long-running project has yet to hit the big screen. He explained that Warner Bros. had prioritized other titles over the years, but the studio had never officially canceled Nightwing either.

“Nobody told me we weren’t making this movie. It’s right now, [Warner Bros.] have other priorities, ”McKay said. “Obviously, a lot of their plans had to change and change again. They’ve been through a lot, and when I was brought to Nightwing, they were doing Matt Reeves’ The Batman, so he was starting his thing there. “

McKay added that he has “a lot of hope” that he will make the film at some point. “Maybe it was wishful thinking, but certainly no one said, ‘Hey kid, you’re not making this movie. “They actually said instead, ‘Today we’re not prioritizing this movie,’ but they still want to make a Nightwing movie, something that I think is still important to them.”

According to previous reports, Warner Bros. wanted to expand the DC Extended Universe with a story revolving around the Batman-centric character, also known as Dick Grayson or the very first Robin. McKay explained to The Bear Cave in more detail his plans for the solo film Nightwing, which was apparently budgeted under $ 100 million to start.

“This was going to be a character study of this guy who grew up with kind of a bad father. How that made him, as a young adult, try to fight and get away from this world as much as he did. humanly possible and get carried away with it, “McKay revealed, adding that in the end it would have turned into a” revenge movie “with” a lot of bad guys “surfacing on the streets of Blüdhaven.

A visual history of Nightwing

While there are plenty of adventures to choose from, here is our list of the best Nightwing comics that could be adapted for the movie, and here are all of the DC Extended Universe projects currently lined up to precede it, including the upcoming wave. with The Suicide Squad, The Batman and The Flash, which is expected to deal with the concept of the DC multiverse.

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