No, it’s a show that Jordan Peele made for the biggest screen


During the summer blockbuster season, the movies that make it to AMC theaters tend to be bigger. JURASSIC WORLD’s superhero properties and dinosaurs breaking free deliver stunning visuals that captivate audiences as they munch on their concessions. But NOPE is a different animal, a unique breed. Director Jordan Peele came up with the idea so his film could directly comment on our fascination with the spectacle. And he filmed it in a way that provides the greatest chills possible.

The less you know about NOPE, the better. So for now, we can tell you that the movie stars Daniel Kaluuya (GET OUT) and Keke Palmer as siblings who train horses to appear in movies. And when they begin to suspect something is lurking in the clouds above their farm, they become obsessed with capturing that entity on film. NOPE is playing at AMC Theaters as we speak, so grab some tickets and see how it goes.

How would you photograph a UFO?

At a recent press day for NOPE, Jordan Peele sat down with The Official CinemaBlend Podcast, ReelBlend, to discuss his process of capturing his huge visuals. Specifically, he talked about working with cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema, who has experience with director Christopher Nolan’s IMAX cameras. Opening up about Hoytema’s influence on him as a filmmaker, Peele references a shot from the horror thriller LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, a long shot captured in a swimming pool that had audiences squirming.

“Hoyte was the only cinematographer who I felt was capable of meeting the many challenges, the many technical challenges, of this film,” Poole told ReelBlend. “And when I sat down, I asked him, we started talking about making the movie, and I started asking him if he should photograph a UFO, just to say for posterity. ‘What cameras would you use, as the world’s foremost expert in this field?” He said, in his Dutch accent, “I would use IMAX cameras, because the resolution is simply the best on Earth.” So it became something we use in the movie and we use IN the movie.

Yes, NOPE is one of those movies that shoots a movie inside a movie. The siblings hire a cameraman to help them capture…everything they think they see. And the challenges they face are not of this Earth.

Why IMAX is worth it.

Throughout the summer season, you might notice your IMAX screen at your favorite AMC theater turning to the biggest deals, whether it’s THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER or the massive show that is TOP GUN: MAVERICK. But when you experience a movie like NOPE, where the director has thought about the ratios of that bigger screen and calibrated his visuals to fill it, it can be a much more immersive experience than you’re used to. . It can literally put you inside the movie.

This is the scenario that Jordan Peele and Hoyte Van Hoytema sought in NOPE. There are times in this new movie where you’ll feel like you’re part of the action. (TOP GUN director Joseph Kosinski also paid close attention to how his IMAX footage rolled out, immersing audiences in his storyline.) That’s why, when you go see NOPE in AMC theaters, consider the IMAX upgrade. It offers a different kind of cinematic experience, one you won’t soon forget.

If you want to know more about what NOPE director Jordan Peele had to say during his interview with ReelBlend, you can listen to the full interview here.


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