No spectators or live TV coverage at first F1 test of 2022 RaceFans

The Formula 1 teams’ new cars for 2022 will race together behind closed doors for the first time without live timing or TV coverage, the series has confirmed.

Considerable interest surrounds the first designs built to F1’s radically revised technical regulations for 2022.

Pre-season testing for the new season will begin with three days of racing at the Circuit de Catalunya from February 23-25. However, the track will not be open to fans and, unlike in recent years, the event will not be broadcast live.

F1 described the opening test as “a lower key pre-test track session” which “[allow] the teams to shake their brand new cars for 22 for the first time in one place”.

So-called shakedown tests usually involve a limited amount of running over a single day. Mercedes previously announced that its new W13 “will undergo a shakedown program to perform initial system checks at the Silverstone circuit” on February 18.

The race in Spain “will not feature live race-style coverage or live timing, but will include content and best lap times at the end of each day,” F1 added in its announcement.

Fans will be allowed to attend the second pre-season test in Bahrain, which will take place from March 10-12. The second test will also be covered live on television.

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