NoHo Hank is one of TV’s most entertaining characters

Bill Hader’s Dark Comedy Series barry has become a staple in HBO catalog. The comedy crime series first premiered in 2018 and found huge success after its debut. The performances of the show’s colorful characters are highly praised, as Hader won 2 Primetime Emmys for his starring role on the show, and Henry Winkler won an Emmy for his supporting role as Monroe Fuches. Over the years, Stephen Root, Anthony Carrigan and Sarah Goldberg have also received Emmy nominations for their supporting roles.


The Emmy-winning HBO series has a lot to offer. Composing the dark comedy action sequences is worth celebrating, as is At Barry’s comic timing. At times, his comedic etiquette leaves viewers scratching their heads, like barry is going through excruciatingly painful circumstances. If there’s a character who has regularly put a smile on the faces of barry viewers, it’s NoHo Hank.

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Rightly, NoHo Hank has become a fan favorite. The quirky character was first introduced in At Barry’s Pilot 2018, “Chapter One: Make Your Mark.” Hank was originally the right-hand man of Goran Pazar (Glenn Fleshler), the Chechen mob boss. Pazar had recently discovered that his wife was cheating on him with Ryan Madison, an aspiring actor, and hired Fuches and Barry to kill him. When they first meet to lay out the necessities of the hit, Hank’s comedic presence almost immediately steals the scene. His comedic timing not only carries over to all of his barry scenes, but when paired with its overtly fashionable ensembles, it becomes even more of a delight for a series that can get dark pretty quickly.

Even the characters inside barry having a hard time not liking Hank. Despite Hank’s numerous attempts to kill Barry, the two form what’s as close to a friendship as anyone could get in their job. Hank’s overt admiration for Barry provides an endless supply of humorous moments, despite Barry’s sheer tolerance of him. Hank’s willingness to protect Barry is admirable and even when given the opportunity to expose Barry for killing Detective Janice Moss, he doesn’t. Instead, he pins it on Fuches. As payback, Hank hires Barry to train the Chechen mobsters under his direction. During each training session, Hank arrives in a unique outfit of choice almost as unexpected as some of the exchanges between him and Barry.

Even Cristobal, who nearly burned Hank and his men alive on a school bus, ended up loving Hank. The romantic relationship between Cristobal and Hank introduced in At Barry’s The third season is a wholesome addition to the series that was impossible to see coming. It’s in their relationship that we see a slightly different side of Hank. Like his attitude towards Barry, Hank does everything in his power to keep Cristobal safe. After Cristobal is kidnapped, Hank travels to Bolivia to retrieve him. Hank is tortured upon hearing his men being mauled to death and escapes to free Cristobal. Hank finds Cristobal being tortured by his wife, who tries to use electroshock therapy as a man dances seductively in front of him to rid him of his homosexual desires. It’s a tough scene to watch even after Hank and Cristobal reunite. Rather than the humorous side of Hank viewers normally see, there’s nothing but concern on his face.

Hank’s hack to get involved, and often Barry, in plans that go terribly wrong is equally entertaining. His inopportune memos also add to how entertaining he is as a character on a show as dark as barry maybe sometimes. When his men attempt to escape the burn on a school bus, Hank begins to confess his inability to be the leader they need. Nonetheless, even his men get him off the bus in time, despite turning their backs on him soon after. Hank has many other errors that barry fans will cite as memorable scenes. From the lipstick camera left at a murder scene that launches a blind manhunt for Barry, to the countless times Hank tries to order a hit on Barry himself, there’s always something that Hank can never get a hundred percent, but it’s fun to watch him try.

None of Hank’s memorable scenes could be achieved without the writing of the character and the portrayal of Anthony Carrigan. Carrigan really makes NoHo Hank his own, and the character is unlike any other character on TV. Carrigan’s comedic timing has never failed and even in his non-comic scenes he always manages to steal the show. Even in scenes where Carrigan isn’t physically present, he still manages to elicit a few laughs. Hank has developed a knack for texting Barry to warn him of impending doom or to cheer him on, and they’re incredibly comedic.

One of Hank’s scenes that showcases Carrigan’s comedic and non-comic skills is in the season two opener, “The Show Must Go On, Probably?” Hank approaches Barry inside Lululemon in a blonde wig where he is excited to show off his masterful disguise to Barry. Annoyed and frustrated, Barry berates him and refuses Hank’s request for help, including that he doesn’t care if Hank’s family kills him. After all Hank had done to protect Barry, the disappointment on his face is saddening, but it gives him new purpose when he approaches Barry again later in the episode.

Now that At Barry’s third season is coming to an end, fans of the HBO series can only hope it continues to enjoy the same level of success. Hader will direct all eight episodes of the upcoming fourth season, and set the stage At Barry’s season three completed, the tone of season four is certain to feel drastically different. If and how Barry and Fuches will emerge from their current situation, and what awaits Hank and Cristobal is difficult to anticipate, but At Barry’s the cast and crew have proven they can always deliver. No matter the tone, NoHo Hank is sure to provide some much needed laughs.

barry is now streaming on HBO Max.

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