Peppa Pig is the symbol of global Britain, despite being rejected by the BBC, says Boris Johnson

PPeople could be forced to sell their homes because of changes to the social services cap, a minister admitted this morning, amid a brewing backbench rebellion.

MPs will vote today on Boris Johnson’s welfare reforms, which will introduce a £ 86,000 cost cap from October 2023. However, the government revealed last week that any financial backing from the council for part of their care would not go to the ceiling – disproportionately affecting those in the north of England and areas with lower house prices.

Backbenchers threaten to rebel, with figures such as Robert Buckland, the former justice secretary, suggesting they will not support the amendment to the health and social services bill tonight .

Small Business Minister Paul Scully insisted Boris Johnson was not going back on the manifesto’s promises – but admitted it wouldn’t stop people from having to sell their homes, although he did stressed that they would not be forced to leave during their stay.

“I can’t tell you what individuals will do … It will depend on different circumstances,” he told Sky News. “There will be fewer people who have to sell their homes, hopefully none.”

Asked what this meant for the government’s leveling commitment, Mr Scully added: “It’s a clear statement that houses in the South are more expensive. [than those in the North]. ”

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