Prey Director Reveals Surprising Influences On Predator Prequel Film

The upcoming movie Preya prequel film to Predator franchise, seems to have more in common with the likes of The ghost and westerns than John McTiernan’s 1987 film (though there’s a lot of that DNA present too). With the arrival of the film’s latest trailer, filmmaker Dan Trachtenberg spoke to a number of outlets about the film and what it took to make the film, which is set 300 years in the past. in the Camanche nation. Among the details the 10 Cloverfield Lane filmmaker revealed is what served as his inspiration for the film, citing…mostly Oscar nominee Terrence Malick’s filmography.

“Terrence Malick was probably the most quoted,” Trachtenberg told Empire. ” And not only The new Worldbut sky daysand The thin red line too. We referenced footage from these films and cinematographies and wanted them to feel authentic. It’s really part of the soul of this film. And macbeththe Michael Fassbender macbeth had a big visual influence on the film.”

Trachtenberg’s Prey might be an ambitious swing for the Predator franchise, but it’s also notably the first attempt at a franchise since the Walt Disney Company absorbed 20th Century Fox. Considering the parent company of it all, many Predator fans feared the days of the alien hunter ripping through thorns and skulls were over, but Trachtenberg confirmed that Disney has no ratings on the film.

“The Disney thing didn’t affect the movie at all in terms of content,” Trachtenberg revealed to “That’s why I’m so glad this trailer is coming out. And for people who were worried it was PG-13, or it was ‘Disney-Made-Predator.’ It was a 20th century movie all the way through the experience and then Disney was great in taking the reins of it and now delivering it to the world but there was never a mandate from them. I was terrified of some of the words we had in the script and when they read it I was like, ‘Oh no, are they going to freak out about the descriptions of gore and stuff?’ But no. It’s a brutal, intense, very R-rated movie. And I’m glad that’s cleared up, that Disney is going to do “Disney Things.”

Prey will debut on Hulu on August 5. The film features a cast made up almost entirely of Indigenous and First Nations talent, including Amber Midthunder (“The Ice Road”, “Roswell, New Mexico”), newcomer Dakota Beavers, Stormee Kipp (“Sooyii”), Michelle Thrush (“The Journey Home”), Julian Black Antelope (“Tribal”).

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