Recent WWE match would have needed heavy editing to make TV

Lash Legend’s second match in WWE would have needed some editing to make it okay for TV

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A recent WWE match wouldn’t have been great, and therefore had to be heavily edited to be acceptable for TV.

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The match in question was the Lash Legend vs Sarray match that took place during the December 17 edition of 205 Live – which was just Legend’s second match in WWE.

Legend won his first game against Amari Miller the week before, who was also on 205 Live. But when she had her second match against Japanese star Sarray, something went horribly wrong and the resulting match was heavily criticized.


The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has since reported that the final version of the match that made it to television was a heavily edited, heavily scaled-down version of the entire match due to the seriousness of some of it – with legend to blame.

The WON event suggested that this was one of the most edited matches in the company and even after reducing the match to 3 minutes of ‘highlights’ it was still far from reaching the required level. .

This is a small concern as Legend has probably been opposed to Sarray as the latter is an experienced wrestler and one of the best currently in NXT 2.0.

Who is Lash Legend?

Legend doesn’t tell us that she’s a fully trained wrestler, but rather a former college basketball player who briefly played with the WNBA before moving to WWE. She hosted the “Lashing Out with Lash Legend” segments on NXT and appears to have a promising career ahead of her, but it should be noted that she has not struggled since the aforementioned match in question.

Hoping that if Legend was the cause for the match not going as well as it could have, she will manage to bounce back and WWE will give her another chance. Having patience with the crop of new wrestlers the company is raising to the ranks of NXT 2.0 will be key to its new strategy of focusing on local prospects rather than the old darlings of independent wrestling.

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