Renowned Canadian director ‘Mukesh Asopa’ on University of Calcutta famous alumni list

It is a known fact that our life experiences shape us in unpredictable but ingrained ways. It’s something that shapes us from within and shapes our future in an incomprehensible but palpable way. One such example is that of Mukesh Asopa, a renowned director best known for his film Depth of Pyaar and The Taste of Relation. He is of course a multi-talented individual who not only made his name in the entertainment industry but also became a pioneering entrepreneur and owner of Asopa Films, a production house based in Canada. He is also a member of the Prestigious Directors Guild Of Canada (DGC).

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To take a look at Asopa’s history, he was born and raised in Calcutta (now known as Kolkata) with two brothers. Mukesh Asopa’s parents are from a town in Rajasthan called Sri Dungargarh, where he spent a lot of time and had a lot of inspiration and memories, which clearly reflects his work as a creative director, and well for withdrawing it is even the name of his next production.

Shortly after graduating from high school in Middle English, Asopa enrolled in the prestigious University of Calcutta, which is among the top-rated universities in India. He graduated in 1999, almost half a decade later than his father, who was also an alumnus of that university. Revealing the reason why he studies at this university, Asopa states that his father insisted that he become a valued member of the University of Calcutta, precisely because of his merit and also the amount of exposure he would receive, which is absolutely true and even visible. in the award-winning work of Asopa. As the oldest university in Bengal and India, it has attracted students from a variety of backgrounds including scientists, engineers, world leaders, Nobel laureates and educators.

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Asopa is such a powerhouse production that has seen several prolific people in their successes and well, to be honest, Asopa too. Some of the famous people who graduated from the University of Calcutta including India’s only Oscar winner Satyajit Ray, India’s national songwriter Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore Ronald Ross, CV Raman, Amaratya Sen and others. Bollywood personalities like Mithun Chakraborty, Utpal Dutt, Rituparna Sengupta, Manna Dey, Sachin Dev Burman, Bhupen Hazarika, Kumar Sanu, etc. , Dilip Sanghvi, Sanjiv Goenka, Vinay Maloo and others. Being a part of such a legacy is something difficult to see, but Asopa, in his capacity, has reached a point where he has become equal to these world famous people. Later, Asopa obtained his graduate degree in Business Management from ICFAI and also a certification from CMA London, which ultimately led him to pursue his dream and enroll in a film course at New Delhi.

With the utmost diligence and hard work, Asopa has surely come a long way from being a regular student at a university to spearheading a leading director and entrepreneur in the highly competitive entertainment industry. The latest Asopa movies can be viewed on Amazon Prime and all movies are also available on the official Asopa Films website.

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