Shazam 2 Director Explains Why He Would Never Direct A Superman Movie

Shazam! Fury of the gods is the upcoming sequel to the acclaimed DC movie. Director David F. Sandberg has been praised for his work on the first movie, but fan backlash is actually one of the reasons he wouldn’t go along with a Superman movie.

the Shazam the sequel looks bigger and better than ever. The director points out, however, that it’s not always the best thing to do on a larger scale, as that’s why he gave up on the idea of ​​working on a Superman movie.


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During an Instagram AMA (ask me anything), Sandberg revealed that at one point he really wanted to work on a Superman story, but decided against it due to the large base. of fans. “At one point I would have said Superman, but when there’s so many different expectations and die-hard fans, you’re going to piss off so many people no matter what you do,” he said. “Seeing how people react to things like The Last Jedi makes me want to stay away from things like that.” For those who don’t know, many star wars The fan base has been incredibly rude to the cast and writers of the sequel trilogy, even going so far as to force some of them to delete their social media.

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Shazam’s fanbase as a character is very sparse compared to other heroes like Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman. This is mostly due to the treatment this character receives, as most DC storylines only focus on these three characters when DC should copy Marvel’s ability to give less popular characters their own platform. Guardians of the Galaxy was relatively unknown before its own movie, and DC has plenty of characters that are still on the unknown level.

Most comic book fans are familiar with Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Atom, Red Arrow, Vixen, Hawkgirl, and Star Sapphire. However, if a parent were asked at random who these characters are, they probably wouldn’t get an answer. Everyone knows Batman, his villains, his fate, his origin, his world, etc. This character has a lot of depth because the writers make it that way. It can easily happen to a lot more characters which is a shame because Sandberg is a talented director and potentially could have done something unique with Superman similar to what Zack Snyder did with Steel man.

Hopefully in the future there will be more understanding between fans and creatives. It seems fans have a habit of being tough and demanding more content at a faster pace while maintaining perfection. It happens in anime, games, music, and of course superhero movies. They may need to see how hard it is to get people to understand these products. Only time will tell.

Shazam! Fury of the gods hits theaters on December 16, 2022.

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