Staten Island Vacation 2021: Creative Take on “Miracle on 34th Street” Plays at Little Victory Theater

STATEN ISLAND, NY – “Miracle on 34th Street”, adapted from the original 1947 Lux radio show which continues to be an annual vacation favorite, is performed by actors from the Little Victory Theater this season.

“In this version, the actors will bring the story to life as they ‘broadcast’ from a 1947 radio station,” says Alberta Thompson, founder of the theater.

The story takes place between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day in New York City and centers on the effect of a Santa Claus department store pretending to be the real thing. It is set in a pre-TV and Internet era and the talented actors make the show as lively and as interesting as possible for those who “listen at home”.

To help accomplish this feat, a Foley artist will be on hand to handle the sound effects – using a process similar to creating movie sound effects for noises like footsteps, raindrops, and doorways. open and close – as well as a music director to direct the actors through show tunes and jingles.

The Little Victory Theater stage for “Miracle on 34th Street”. (Courtesy / The Little Victory Theater) Staten Island AdvanceStaten Island Advance

“And from the moment you step into the theater, you’ll feel time transformed to a sweeter, gentler time,” adds Thompson.

The show is directed by Rose Gilleece, with musical direction by Steven Rosenberg and assistant musical direction by Peter Michaels Jr.

The show will be performed by Charlotte Albunio, Jenn Gellman, Matt Gilleece, Ed Levey, Tamara Lecner, Lexi Paolino, Michael Schiavo and Alivia Schifter.

The hours are Friday December 3, Saturday December 4, Friday December 10 and Saturday December 11 at 8 p.m. Sunday. December 5 and Sunday December 12 at 2 p.m.

Tickets are priced at $ 30 for general admission, $ 27 for students, seniors, and the military.

The Little Victory Theater, located at 4089 Victory Blvd. in Travis, has partnered with Pajamas for Pals. Thus, anyone who donates pajamas (baby to adult) will benefit from a $ 1 discount.

"Miracle on 34th Street"

“Miracle on 34th Street” is presented by the Little Victory Theater. “(Courtesy / Little Victory Theater) Staten Island AdvanceStaten Island Advance

To purchase tickets, call the theater at 718 524-8467 or email [email protected]

Reservations are strongly recommended as attendance will be limited. All CDC COVID-19 guidelines will be followed.

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