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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – ACTs and SATs are stressful and challenging for many students, and scores can make or break your acceptance into college.

A Greenwood high school student is likely eligible for most colleges of her choice after achieving a perfect score on both ACT and SAT back-to-back.

Véronique is a 17 year old from Greenwood High School in Warren County.

Recently she recovered her scores and was surprised to see that she got a perfect 36 on her ACT.

Then, shortly thereafter, she received her SAT score, a perfect 1600.

“Knowing that I have the test results and that I have, I guess, the academic level to be able to go where I want to be is huge. It just means that there are so many opportunities open to me and I’m a little overwhelmed, but mostly excited, ”said Véronique.

“We celebrate a lot of achievements with athletics, and I want to make sure we see the academic achievements as well. And this is the first time that I believe anyone has achieved a perfect score on these two exams in the history of Warren County. So I couldn’t be prouder, ”said Adam Hatcher, Principal of Greenwood High School.

She says she has been tested for 5e school year because her father encouraged her to do so.

Véronique says preparation has driven her to be successful and encourages others to do the same.

“If you have the time, practice. There is a small obstacle when you tackle something new and therefore the more often you do it, the less it becomes known, the more familiar you are with, and just, the less obstacle there is for you, ”says Véronique.

Véronique also has over 4.0 GPA.

Although she doesn’t know which college she will go to and what career path she will take, Véronique says she wants to go to a school that encourages curiosity.

“A place of exploration with passion behind him. I know I would wither in a dead position, in an office job. I don’t think I could do that. I want to work with people. I like to work with people. The numbers are great, but like these human conversations, these human interactions, that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life, is talk to people, ”said Véronique.

Véronique also wants other students to know that your scores don’t define you. Perfect score or not, her ACT isn’t who she is, nor is it who her peers are.

“Your score is not who you are. I’m proud that I got a 36 but I’m not a 36. And while you get a score that you’re not proud of, it’s not who you are and it doesn’t mark your potential in any way because that people have so much potential. People came up to me and they said, ‘Oh. It’s great that you have a 36. I could never do that ”, and that’s not a person’s mark, you know, I never want my accomplishments to be a reason for others to put themselves down », Declared Véronique.

Véronique also says that she has a passion for theater and music and hopes to secure a place in the school musical.

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