The best dumb actors on movie ticket prices

TIRUPATI: Even as many of Tollywood’s top actors, producers, technicians and exhibitors have remained silent about the Andhra Pradesh government’s raids on movie theaters to ensure the implementation of fixed rates for movie tickets, some young people and little heroes raised their voices against the government’s decision.

Shortly after actor Siddharth turned out to be the first voice against ticket prices, another actor Nani also voiced his criticism. openly Now, young actor Nikhil Siddartha has urged the PA government to help theaters adjust ticket prices.

Before his film “Shyam Singha Roy”, Nani argued that the government’s decision is illogical. “When a Kirana store owner outside a theater makes more money than the theater owner, that’s an insult to moviegoers,” he commented.

Nani’s comments, however, sparked controversy in political and film circles across the state. Countering the actor’s comments, Minister Botcha Satyanrayana said they were trying to lower ticket prices in the public interest. Another minister P. Anil Kumar Yadav wondered why actors do not lower their salaries.

Amidst the movie ticket price controversy, people close to top actors say these stars are happy that Nani expressed her opinion without a second thought. The biggest stars are essentially keeping quiet because anything they say could cause trouble for the YSR Congressional government, they explained.

In a series of tweets, actor Siddharth slammed the ministers, saying, “We are taxpayers and we pay for all your luxuries. Politicians earn lakhs and crores of rupees through corruption. Reduce your luxury and give us our discount.
Nani tweeted: “Theaters are like a temple to me. They always give people joy and happiness. It’s heartbreaking to see cinemas close. Happy and grateful to see the Telangana government supporting the film industry; hoping the AP government also helps theaters achieve their past glory in the same way, ”he tweeted.

These tweets also elicited unwanted reactions from internet users. A user by the name of Siddu Cherukuri tweeted, “In the Telugu film industry, the director and the hero are the main characters. They take the maximum share. What are the others getting.

Another user Ravindra Kurapati posted a picture of movie tickets asking actor Nikhil, “₹ 150 per ticket is the price at the Raj Yuvaraj Theater in the city of Vijayawada. Isn’t that enough for you?

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