The Lerner Theater is bringing back popular storefronts and more for the holiday season

ELKHART, Ind – After having to cancel Elkhart Winter Fest in 2020, the city looked for ways to engage the community and now in 2021 these ideas have become favorites for the holiday season.

“My favorite thing is watching the kids go by and they stop and they look up and they see these characters that they read in the book and that they seen in movies and here they are. larger than life in front of their eyes, ”said Prem1er Arts Marketing Director and Senior Artis Tanner Smale.

Windows displaying some of the best Christmas movies of all time like “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and more.

“When I first saw them, the new windows, the whole cast of Madeline Christmas came in here and we got to see the windows.” Elkhart’s students Lylah, Noah and Ryan.

“We started last year which was a very difficult year for everyone and we couldn’t be together and enjoy the festivities like we normally do,” said Smale.

“It was really fun going down to the windows and seeing the things in there when you couldn’t do anything else because everything was closed,” said Elkhart students Lylah, Noah and Ryan.

Now this year, with return events in rotation, one special opportunity has become more popular with children since the start of the pandemic.

“Students and families struggling during the pandemic, it has been interesting to see the increase in the number of letters to Santa Claus. I have a feeling they may be hoping for some Christmas magic. could make everything a little better, ”said Elkhart Education Foundation executive director Ashley Molyneaux.

A little bit of magic that made Santa Claus received more letters than usual and maybe made him wonder why so many letters?

“It was really like an exponential increase in 2020. I think they were hoping Santa Claus could end Covid. But we’re also seeing a lot of letters coming in this year,” Molyneaux said.

The Lerners will also bring back their Christmas pieces, accessible to the public.

Tickets are available: Lerner Tickets

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