The Uncharted Director Reveals His Favorite Easter Egg

Uncharted director Ruben Fleischer tells Screen Rant about his favorite Easter egg hidden in the film, involving Tom Holland’s Nathan.

The director of Sony Unexplored adaptation, Ruben Fleischer, has opened up about his favorite Easter egg from the movie. Unexplored, which stars Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, is based on the popular video game franchise of the same name. Although the timeline of the movie differs significantly from that of the games, Fleischer still managed to get some clever nods to the source material, especially when it comes to Nathan Drake.

Although the film focuses on a young Nathan Drake, it still includes a few characters from his formative years in video games, such as Chloe Frazer (played by Sophia Ali), who later starred in her own spin-off, The lost legacy. Fans wondered how much of the original story would be left untouched by the film. This still includes Nathan Drake’s death-defying stunts, however, as he falls from a cargo plane similarly to the opening of Uncharted: The Drake Illusionso it’s clear that the film’s creative team understands the game at its core.


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Fleischer spoke to Screen Rant in an exclusive interview to promote the movie, where he talked about the effort he made to appeal to fans of the game. He also talked about trying to use some of Nathan Drake’s lines from the game, especially “Oh shit !” and “well well well.” Check out his full quote here:

“We tried to use a lot of Nate’s language from the video games or lines. “Oh shit” is something he’s known to have said, and it’s actually the first line of the movie, as well as, I believe, the last line of the movie. But we also have a moment where they’re trapped in a well and Nate said, “well well well,“which is a tribute to video games, which is my favorite Easter egg in film.”

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Video game adaptations in general haven’t done very well, either with critics or at the box office. Unexplored debuted overseas to a lukewarm response from critics, scoring 46% on rotten tomatoes. The film hopes to break the “video game movie cursewhich has happened to so many other adaptations. With attention to detail as Fleischer suggests, it’s possible the film could appeal to die-hard fans who are excited to see their favorite characters in live-action.

However, fans of Unexplored the games weren’t very happy with Holland’s casting as Nathan Drake, believing he was the wrong choice for the role. Similar comments have been made about Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan (or Sully), Nate’s in-game mentor. However, Fleischer’s comments seem to indicate a decent respect for the material by the creative team involved in the game. film, which is already working to revive the action-mystery genre, as Fleischer himself said in an interview. Maybe if more Unexplored movies are made, the creative team here can take it a step further by bridging the gap between movies and games to give fans the proper adaptation they want.

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