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Yesterday, three premium cable channels released trailers for four upcoming shows – their Q2 series – and all I know is that Sundays in April, May and June are going to feature some really good TV .
Let’s start with the most anticipated, a show whose second season ended 1,033 days ago. ultimatelyApril 24, Bill Hader’s barry will return with its third season. Here is the trailer:

I’m glad Bob Odenkirk won’t have to compete in the same category against Bill Hader at next year’s Emmys. Meanwhile, the drama that will air before barry just Threadis David Simon and George Pelecanos and returns to Baltimore. It’s called We own this town, and it chronicles the rise and fall of the BPD’s Guntracing Task Force. There are plenty of familiar faces here (including Josh Charles and a Thread alum), but probably no more familiar than Jon Bernthal, who plays a crooked cop:

The next one comes from Starz and stars Sean Penn (booo) and Julia Roberts, the latter playing Martha Mitchell, the wife of Richard Nixon’s Attorney General John Mitchell. She was instrumental in uncovering the Watergate scandal that ended with Nixon’s impeachment and resignation. The series is based on the Slate podcast Slow burning by Leon Neyfakh. Looks great, despite Sean Penn.

Finally, here is the trailer for I love you for that. Vanessa Bayers stars as a character whose lifelong dream is to become a home shopping host, and apparently to do that she has to lie and say her childhood cancer has returned. Bayer herself survived childhood leukemia. This one is a bit special for me, and add Jenifer Lewis and Molly Shannon? Well, that’s just perfection.

Also note that the second season of HBO Max’s Flight attendant will also arrive on April 21 with two episodes, followed by one per week. EW has the trailer, if you’re interested.

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