Top 10 BFI Production Awards in 2021 – Deadline

Here is our annual recap of the 10 biggest prizes awarded by the British Film Institute’s Film Fund in 2021. Supported by national lottery money, the grants are a key support for independent cinema in the UK.

This year, longtime Film Fund director Ben Roberts, now CEO of BFI, handed over the keys to the fund to new director Mia Bays.

The top of the list is Harold Fry’s unlikely pilgrimage, an adaptation of Rachel Joyce’s popular novel about a man who sets out on a 450-mile trek across the UK in the belief that his journey will save the life of an old friend. Pictured is Jim Broadbent, which Joyce adapts herself. Hettie Macdonald, who led Normal people with Lenny Abrahamson, directs. The producers are Kevin Loader with Juliet Dowling and Marilyn Milgrom.

The second on the list is Pirate King Typist, the last film of Out of blue and the fall director Carol Morley, who filmed the end of the year with Monica Dolan and Kelly Macdonald in the cast. The production is Morley’s regular collaborator, Cairo Cannon.

Check out the full list below. Many of the funding decisions also include additional “step-up” awards, which are special grants specifically designed to encourage the hiring of diverse crews.

The 10 production prices of the BFI 2021:

Harold Fry’s unlikely pilgrimage (£ 1,109,000 + £ 27,500 increase)
writer Rachel Joyce; director Hettie Macdonald; Producer Juliet Dowling

Typist Artist Pirate King (£ 1,057,000 + £ 27,500 increase)
writer / director Carol Morley; Producer Cairo Cannon

Tuesday (£ 940,000 + £ 20,000 increase)
writer / director Daina Oniunas-Pusic; Producer Ivana MacKinnon

scraper (£ 930,000 + £ 25,000 Step-p)
writer / director Charlotte Regan; Producer Theo Barrowclough

After Sun (£ 900,000 + £ 20,000 increase)
writer / director Charlotte Wells; Producer Amy Jackson

Girl (£ 850,000 + £ 27,500 increase)
writer / director Adura Onashile; Producers Rosie Crerar, Ciara Barry

Birchange Green (£ 850,000 + £ 35,000 increase)
writer / director Moin Hussain; Producer Michelle Stein

Silent roar (£ 835,000 + £ 27,500 increase)
writer / director Johnny Barrington; Producer Chris Young

A house in Jerusalem (£ 616,000)
the writer Rami Alayan; director Muayad Alayan; Producer Rachel Robey

Sanatorium (£ 573,490)
writer / director Brothers Quay; Producer Lucie Conrad

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