Train to Busan director teases plans for third film

Train to Busan’s Yeon Sang-ho says he has plans for a sequel to Peninsula, although his other plans are currently keeping him busy.

Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-ho says he has ideas for another film in the franchise, but he’s not actively working on it yet.

In an interview with Variety, Yeon Sang-ho was asked about his plans for a sequel to Peninsula 2020, which was itself a sequel to Train to Busan. “I believe the zombie genre is very traditional but at the same time depending on what you bring to it it can be completely new,” he said. “Personally, I have some ideas in terms of further development of what happens after Peninsula. But as to whether I’m going to create this in a movie, that’s something I want to do. However, since there are a lot of productions I’m working on right now, I think I kind of need to organize the ideas and work on what I need to work on. “

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Released in 2016, Train to Busan is a South Korean horror film in which the zombie apocalypse begins just as a train heads from Seoul to Busan. At the box office, the film grossed $ 98.5 million worldwide against a budget of around $ 8.5 million. Train to Busan has proven to be a huge hit with critics, leading to an impressive 94 percent critical score on Rotten Tomatoes. The film was nominated for several awards and an American remake, titled Last train to New York, is in preparation.

Following Train to Busansuccess of, a standalone suite called Peninsula released in 2020. The plot of the film sees a former soldier named Jung-seok working for Chinese mobsters seeking to salvage a truck full of cash in a zombie infested South Korea. Peninsula won a more modest $ 42.7 million worldwide against a budget of $ 16 million and fared well with critics. Currently, Peninsula holds a critical score of 54% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Currently, Yeon Sang-ho is performing an adaptation of his webtoon Hellbound for Netflix, which is the last big South Korean hit after the release of Squid Game. The dark fantasy takes place in a world where otherworldly creatures take people to Hell and some of the events around it. The show was a huge hit for Netflix and, at the time of writing, Hell holds a 100 percent critical rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Hellbound was recently renewed for a second season.

Hell, Train to Busan and Peninsula are all available to stream on Netflix.

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Source: Variety


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