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The show that goes wrong

8:30 p.m., BBC One

A welcome return for the heroically over-ambitious Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society, whose ill-conceived genre pieces, chewy landscape performances and internal power struggles create perfectly calibrated chaos. Tonight, they attempt a country house drama. But Robert is in charge and wants everyone to do things their own way. The overall effect is both gently comedic and strangely experimental; like an avant-garde theater group joyfully parodying light clichés. Very funny. Phil harrison

Silent witness

9 p.m., BBC One

Ding-ding, round one: The bruised corpse of a boxer who had the ultimate fall puts the Lyell Center team in overdrive. Fighting fan Jack sniffs at a local gym while Nikki searches for a trained environmentalist who might need a bit of practice to get close to a dead body. Graeme Vertu

Fever Pitch: The Rise of the Premier League

9 p.m., BBC Two

Premier League football’s history ends with one of its most hilarious rivalries: Arsene Wenger vs. Alex Ferguson. When an unknown Frenchman takes over at Arsenal and forces his players to trade beer for broccoli, it raises the bar and introduces a formidable possibility: Manchester United could lose. Jack Seale

Become Greek… Gordon, Gino and Fred are enjoying a barbecue on the beach. Photography: Studio Ramsay / ITV

Gordon, Gino and Fred become Greek!

9 p.m., ITV

The boisterous kitchen and travel show returns with Ramsay, D’Acampo and Sirieix hopping in their campervan and frolicking through Greece. They start in Crete, baking and diving for lobsters. It’s stereotypical but quite enjoyable if you can handle the alpha males’ jousting. PH

24 hours in police custody

9 p.m., Canal 4

This section has a reputation for revealing remarkable stories. The opening of tonight’s series is no exception, a brutal crime and an uplifting social media tale. When a man is caught on CCTV committing a horrific assault, the police go blank. But what about when the images are shared on Facebook? PH

Alma is not normal

10 p.m., BBC Two

Life searches for Alma when she discovers the Bolton Theater School as the escort business is booming. And when a beautiful customer with a penchant for champagne makes a new reservation, it looks like she’s put her own Richard Gere in a bag. His fate is dark but comes with a burst of comedy. Hannah verdier

Live sport

Premier League football: Crystal Palace v Brighton & Hove Albion 7 p.m. Sky Sports Main Event. Brighton, which is improving rapidly, visits Selhurst Park.

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