UK LGBT+ rights envoy visits Argentina

The UK Prime Minister’s special envoy for LGBT+ rights, Lord Nick Herbert, visited Argentina this week, meeting counterparts from the Argentine government and civil society organisations. The LGBT+ information app, QUIR, was launched at the British Embassy in Buenos Aires by local civil society organization Kidz. The trip is part of Lord Herbert’s activity this year to galvanize ambitious action on LGBT+ rights ahead of the Safe To Be Me conference in London.

The UK and Argentina work closely together on LGBT+ rights. As co-chairs of the Equal Rights Coalition – an intergovernmental body made up of 42 member states, multilateral organizations and around 120 civil society organizations – the UK and Argentina are leading global action on this issue. .

Throughout 2022, Lord Herbert will visit countries across the globe to mobilize support for LGBT+ rights and galvanize ambitious action ahead of June’s Safe To Be Me conference. The UK will work with countries on their own path to equality, offering support to create the conditions for greater freedom and equality.

This week, Lord Herbert met Cecilia Meirovich, Director of Human Rights at the Foreign Office and Alba Rueda, Under-Secretary for Diversity Policy at the Department for Women, Gender and Diversity.
Lord Herbert welcomed 80 guests from civil society and the LGBT+ community to the British Embassy in Buenos Aires to launch QUIR – an app designed by civil society organization Kidz which provides information on local LGBT+ friendly services . According to their creators, QUIR was born from the need to find a safe space where LGBT+ consumers can access accommodation, cultural and recreational activities, personal care, health professionals, gastronomy, bars, nightlife, spas and other recreation that guarantee a hate-free experience.

The Prime Minister’s special envoy, Lord Herbert, said:

The UK and Argentina work closely together to promote LGBT+ rights internationally. I welcome the opportunity to meet with partners from across Argentina to discuss progress on this vital issue. We discussed the Equal Rights Coalition, which the UK has co-chaired with Argentina since 2019, and which has made great strides in mobilizing more countries and pushing for greater global action. June’s Safe To Be Me conference in London aims to be a pivotal moment in the fight for LGBT+ equality and I look forward to welcoming our Argentinian partners to the event.

Macs Zimmermann, entrepreneur and creator of the QUIR app, said:

As an LGBTIQ person, choosing where to go out, see a medical professional or look for accommodation has always been a complex situation. Inappropriate comments, discriminatory treatment, denial of access or expulsion for no apparent reason, and even physical violence are some of the ways LGBTIQ people are violated. It is very important for me to have the opportunity to develop a project like this, and to be able to present it to Lord Herbert at the Embassy is a huge privilege. It is my deepest wish that this product reaches everyone who needs it and can make the lives of people in the community a little easier and more enjoyable, ensuring that they have an experience free of abuse, discrimination or harassment.

Andre Rivas, President of Asociación Familias Diversas Argentina said:

We are facing a key moment to unite international efforts to advance the rights of LGBTI+ people around the world. For this reason, we focus on the core issues of addressing violence and discrimination, promoting legal protections, ensuring inclusive access to public services, and ensuring decent employment for our community.

The Safe To Be Me Global Equality Conference is taking place in London from June 29 to July 1, 2022. It will be the UK Government’s first global LGBT+ conference and will bring together government, business, parliamentarians and civil society to bring about radical change in the world. equality. The conference is structured around 4 main objectives:

• Address violence and discrimination by bringing communities and leaders together to agree on new plans and how to target funding to implement them globally

• Advance legal protections and decriminalization by accelerating progress on law reform and creating the conditions for equality

• Ensure inclusive access to public services by enabling delegates to share lessons and make commitments on key issues such as access to healthcare and HIV/AIDS prevention

• Make the business and economic case for equality by identifying best practices, strengthening advocacy and helping businesses embrace the mantle of change, including ensuring that international standards on LGBT+ inclusive practices are respected

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