We stand in solidarity with the workers of the Kellogg TV and Film Union, UAW and IATSE

CHICAGO, October 14, 2021The Chicago Teachers Union today released the following statement in solidarity with entertainment workers and workers at Kellogg and John Deere, all fighting for better working conditions and fair living wages:

Frontline workers, from the people who pack our breakfast cereals to those who make the equipment that builds our roads, have risked their lives to keep their businesses afloat during the pandemic. Today, workers at giant corporations such as Kellogg, John Deere, and major film and television studios demand more than hype for their sacrifices, just as educators in Chicago and across the country demand more. of their school districts when it comes to safety and support.

At Kellogg, workers at the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco and Millers Union (BCTGM) pledged to stay out “one day longer” than the boss in their strike for fair wages and benefits and reasonable working conditions. At John Deere, the United Auto Workers (UAW) overwhelmingly rejected a substandard offer from the company that allegedly included income inequality. And in the entertainment industry, members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Workers (IATSE) – from filmmakers and camera operators to carpenters and makeup artists – want to end excessive hours, grueling shifts and stress. compensation of certain trades. it is literally impossible to live with.

Each of these struggles reminds us of 2012, 2016 and 2019, when we took collective action for the schools and the city that our students and their families deserve. What unites us all is a fundamental demand for fairness. The work provides the profit that the shareholders of these companies live on, just as our school district operates on the backs of the work of teachers, PSRPs, clinicians, counselors and librarians. Yet the corporate strategy of all our bosses is to demand more workers in exchange for a minimum of consideration.

Our sisters and brothers in BCTGM, UAW and IATSE are fed up with this exploitation and indifference on the part of management, especially in a time of record income for so many companies and people. companies that provoked work actions. Their fight is our fight – the fight for basic rights, a living wage, healthcare that supports our families and safe and responsibly managed workplaces,

We stand in solidarity with our colleagues at Kellogg, Deere, in the entertainment industry and beyond in their battle to force their bosses to share the profits with the very workers who create those profits. And we join them in the larger struggle to uplift and support all grassroots workers in our country and beyond, who all deserve economic justice and freedom.

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