Woman Holmen to be featured on CBS ‘Mission Unstoppable’ TV show

The program shines a light on women working in STEM careers and teaches girls that success can be achieved in a field dominated by men

HOLMEN, Wis. (WKBT) – A Holmen woman will be featured on a national television show.

The crews filmed the episode for the CBS program “Mission Unstoppable” Thursday afternoon.

It shines a light on women working in STEM careers – science, technology, engineering, and math – and teaches young girls in the Coulee area and nation about how really cool it is to work in a male dominated field.

You wouldn’t think the woods on a cold, windy day would be a popular destination for Hollywood filmmakers.

But this future TV star working from her own backyard in Holmen wants to help shine a light on women in science.

“The forest of trees, the outdoor environment, enjoying the outdoors, it’s up to everyone,” said Holmen arborist Rebecca Seibel.

Seibel is one of the main instructors of the Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop.

“It was completed by a group of female arborists who are really passionate about conveying how much fun it is to be a climbing arborist,” Seibel said.

She works with the two founders of the organization to show young women how much fun it can be to climb trees for a career.

“Who is going to dispute this? Said Seibel.

Seibel and his team are participating in a segment for “Mission Unstoppable”.

“We’re here to film these amazing tree growers in action,” Litton Entertainment Production Manager Ilana Gordon said.

It shows teenage girls that it is possible to succeed in a male-dominated workforce,

“Basically we follow wherever there’s a really interesting story,” Gordon said.

And now Gordon says Hollywood has followed their latest interesting story to Holmen.

“Anytime we go to a local city and just highlight what’s great about that city, and some of the experts who work there, it’s a good thing,” Gordon said.

The next generation of arborists could come from here in the Coulée region.

“It’s fun and enjoyable to have a career in science,” Seibel said.

Especially if you can accept each day as a new challenge.

“Mission Unstoppable” is hosted by Miranda Cosgrove, who reprise the role of Carly Shay on the popular show “iCarly”.

Gordon says the segment shot at Holmen will likely air next spring.

“Mission Unstoppable” airs at 7 am Saturdays on WKBT.

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